How to Develop Unstoppable Confidence & Motivation


Would you say confidence and motivation are related?


I sure would.


Without confidence, we wouldn’t have much motivation to reach our goals and take action.


Without motivation which results in taking action, confidence is just a state with no intent or action.


There are so many people out there who want to accomplish their goals and do big things with their lives, but many times never even begin or stop before finishing, either due to a lack of motivation, confidence, or a combination of the two.


The question is: How do we develop unstoppable confidence and motivation?


The type of confidence that has us feeling like we could do anything, and the type of motivation that has us feeling excited toward our work and goals?


For those who are interested in developing more confidence, becoming more confident, feeling more motivated, or a combination of these, I have a mindset that helps with both. 


There have been times in my own life, and those I have worked with, where confidence and motivation has drifted.


Sometimes I would start on a new project, and see the type of results I was expecting didn’t come, and begin feeling deflated. Other times though, I was able to work 9 hours straight, day in and day out, developing marketing strategies for multi million dollar start ups, and finishing a 6 month project in only 2 months.


I have seen others at sales jobs come in highly motivated, only to fall flat on their faces, and lose hope.


I have also seen others who wouldn’t stop at anything until they’ve reached their goals.


The question is: What’s the difference between the two?


What is that has one person feeling motivated and full of confidence, and another to feel no or quickly lose motivation and be full of doubt? 



The Mindset



While there isn’t one clear answer to this, as there can be many factors effecting confidence and motivation, there is one way to ensure you feel an unstoppable level of confidence and motivation:


Act is if it were impossible to fail, and you know you’re going to succeed.


When I say know you’re going to succeed, I mean being as sure as the sun will rise in the morning. Total confidence.


What’s great about this mindset is it helps remove the one thing that usually prevents us from working toward our goals: Fear and moving outside of our comfort zones.


More times than not, it’s fear that holds us back.


Think about it…if your goal was to watch 2 straight hours of tv…would you put that off for too long?


Most likely not. You’d sit down and do it, because it’s well within our comfort zones.


But if your goal was to start a business, or get in shape, or work on your current dating life, or anything else, more times than not, at the root, it’s fear that holds us back.


If you knew it was impossible to fail and that you would succeed…


Would you procrastinate on your goals?

Would you put off trying?

Would you give up?


Of course not.


You’d get started asap, and would keep working toward your goal.


Now, sure, this is easier said than done. After all, most of us grow up with much more self doubt than confidence.


Neither is right or wrong. Most people assume things won’t work out. Why not do the opposite?


What if every day you begin practicing thinking and feeling as if it were impossible to fail and you know you’re going to succeed.


Now does this mean that if you just blindly aim at your goals it will work out? Of course not. We still have to have a plan and make adjustments along the way. If someone wants to lose weight, and they believe it to be true, but eat like crap and never work out, chances are, it’s not going to happen.


If that same person believes they can finally get in shape, eats healthy, and says focused at the gym, with enough time, they will.


If someone wants to start a successful business, if they just start a business and hope people will come, chances are, it may not work.


But if that same person studies others success, makes adjustments along the way, and adds in this mindset of impossible failure and they will succeed, that mindset is what makes the difference.


Act is if it were impossible to fail, and you know you’re going to succeed.


And on the days when it’s tough, remember that a little bit of something is better than nothing. 

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